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Hello everyone, welcome to La Merca Company. I am very happy to share our story with you.

Our story in the world of Marketing begins in 1999. At first, we specialized in everything related to Traditional Marketing. Our involvement with television channels, radio stations, and print newspapers was increasing.

In 2001 we formally became a Marketing Agency which would later give rise to the formation of our own Television Production company in 2004. During the following years we were honored to be the preferential choice of our clients for the realization of projects of all sizes, which ranged from the planning, development and management of corporate images, distribution of budgets in the media, from the General Management of Television Channels to the General Production of television programs and mass events internationally.

It was until 2011 when our great transformation took place in the world of Digital Marketing. The global trend was evident, as was the growth of our operations. That is why years later (2018) La Merca Factory was born, with the primary objective of satisfying the needs of our customers beyond our Country of origin.

Thanks to your trust, on July 26, 2020, La Merca Company was born – the controlling entity and operator of our business group:

Company dedicated to our service of Memberships and Premium Plans that cover the complete cycle of Digital Marketing for Companies.

Company dedicated to Digital Marketing services for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for entrepreneurs.

Digital Media Company and Artistic Representation of Influencers from Latin America, Spain and the United States.

Company that works as a Travel Agency, specialized in International Group Travel and Cruises.

Over the years we have seen the fruits of our labor. The success of our clients has also become our success. On behalf of the entire La Merca Company family, we give everyone the warmest of welcomes.

Eugenio Zambrano

CEO, La Merca Company
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